Tampa Bay Business Journal on the New Coldwell Banker Iphone Real Estate Search

Tampa, St. Petersburg flatten existing home sales – Tampa Bay Business Journal
Next-Gen Real Estate: Coldwell Banker embraces the iPhone
September 30, 2008 ·

Kudos To CWB for this move. The iPhone has truly raised the bar in our expectations from the cellphone and techonlogy market. The iPhone may only be one phone, but every other handset manufacturer is tripping over itself trying even come close to their technology and ever-growing market share. This may not provide big returns immediately, but whatever they may have spent on developing this special site for Apple’s “Safari” mobile web browser will prove to provide exponential growth in customer outreach.

coldwellbanker.com is now available through a unique real estate browsing experience on your iPhone. Just open up your browser and go to coldwellbanker.com to search for listings, find home values in your area, or even contact a Coldwell Banker® Sales Associate right from the palm of your hand.


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Linkedin = Brandon.Jordan@NorthwestFloridaRealEstateAgent.com
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